Today in the city Sitka 21.11.2018

Tesla's Bonds May Be A Better Investment Than Its Stock

Tesla’s August 2025 bonds yield about 7.1% to maturity. When compared to the stock price the bonds may have a better return than the shares, which will need a $536 price by then and the company to hav...

Twitter tests home-screen button to switch tweet order - CNET

The button lets some iOS users instantly switch from tweets deemed important by an algorithm to a reverse chronological order.

Nintendo Switch Eshop Has More than 1,300 Games From More Than 500 Developers

The Nintendo Switch’s online story has more than 1,300 titles available for purchase from more than 500 developers as of October, and Nintendo plans to increase the number of publishers going fo...

How Stitch Fix Men Is Pushing Forward with Premium Brands

Stitch Fix’s foray into the menswear has gained traction with its clients. It has now introduced a range of pieces that, according to them, fits into the premium category.

Why This Startup Is Betting $30M Stock Trading's Business Model Could Turn Real Estate On Its Head

A start-up with $30 million in cash is betting what happened to stock trading will be what turns real estate on its head

The Nintendo Switch Is Running Into A Predictable Nintendo Problem

While the Nintendo Switch is certainly a hit, and a radical departure from the clear failure of the Wii U, we are starting to see signs that Nintendo is once again dealing with an old problem specific...

The Switch Has Now Sold 22.86 Million Units Worldwide, Beating The Lifetime Sales Of The GameCube

What with all the new earnings reports out lately, Nintendo has revealed that the Switch has met another sales milestone by shifting 22.86 million units worldwide.

The 23 best games on the Nintendo Switch - CNET

So you just bought a Nintendo Switch and you're wondering what games you should pick up to go along with it? Here are our favourites...

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