Today in the city Sitka 24.04.2018
Ready, Set, Switch! SOART Out Your Interview Responses

When you get to the interview stage of a job search, it's critical to know the product (you!) inside and out. SOART stories are a great way to communicate your relevant competencies to a potential emp...

CEO of controversial crypto company Longfin blames short sellers for stock plunge

The head of a small company that has attracted controversy over its ties to cryptocurrency said that he is not going to sell his shares while he is fighting $1.4 billion in bets against the stock.

Spotify Shares Hit by Selloff Day After IPO, But Stock Rebounds to Close Down 3.2%

Spotify investors engaged in a selloff of the music-streamer’s stock a day after the company made its public-company debut, but shares rallied late Wednesday. Shares of Spotify fell as much as 9...

Léa Seydoux Proves That Femme Fatale Beauty Comes Down to This Tiny Detail

Léa Seydoux stepped out at the Paris premiere of Wes Anderson's *Isle of Dogs* in a red lip that matched her manicure.

The tumbling stock market is stuck in free fall without its most important safety net

The US stock market is plummeting once again Wednesday as global trade-war tensions escalate even further. Unfortunately for bulls, US equities will have to recover without the use of a trusted strate...

The 31 best Nintendo Switch games under $20

You've got a Nintendo Switch, and you've already plowed through "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and "Super Mario Odyssey." Now what? Now this! That's "Rocket League," one of the dozens...

Texas could lose 3 congressional seats if the 2020 census asks about citizenship status

On Tuesday, 17 states, led by New York, plus seven cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors filed suit to block the Census Bureau and Commerce Department from including a question about respondents' c...

3 Reasons Not To Buy Spotify Stock

Spotify has disrupted the music industry and Wall Street but should you buy its stock? Here are three reasons for patience before plunging in.

Weekly mortgage demand drops as homebuyers are rattled by the stock market

The spring housing market is in full swing, but wild stock market gyrations may be keeping some homebuyers at bay.

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